Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movement Invites Movement :: A New Tango Blog

My thanks go out to Jorge* & Mrs. Red Dress (very nice dress by the way) for adding this blog to their blogroll. They just started blogging this month, and have no doubt already created a stir by unequivocally stating that "Nuevo is NOT Tango".

My kinda folks!

Although, I must admit that this past weekend, at the Gustavo y Giselle Atlanta workshop (who some, including a good tango friend of mine...) view as "Nuevo" dancers), during a class, I broke into about one minute of FauxNuevo. It was my own little joking parody of memyselfandI if I were a Nuevo dancer. It made her laugh, so it musta worked.

Anyway, check out the new blog here.

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Movement Invites Movement said...

Why thank you Alex Fuego - for the link and for the compliment :) We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog - both in regards to tango and political and environmental issues. Keep up the good work!