Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tango Estilo del Perro

Nothing against doble frente, it just popped into my head while reading something on Tango-L...I post this with a big grin...


n a n c y said...

"...invented by the popular milongueros" ??

Hmm........tell that to the square dancers and all other folk dancers - polka, scandi, etc who all use the 'promenade' position. I am quite certain it was used in the Minuet and other old social dances, too.

Estilo del perro! Ja ja ja

msHedgehog said...

I've been taught this as a kind of technique excercise after my teacher had taken a workshop with G&G. It's not too difficult, the trickiest part is getting into and out of it smoothly, but if you're going to do ochos you have to trust her to be careful with her heels. It was fun, but I steered well clear of a classmate who I thought might not be able to resist trying it in a milonga.