Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! :: I kneel before your bounty...

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the wise and wonderful women out there, whether you have conceived or not, you carry within you the potential to create new life, and that is a miracle of nature - a miracle of the universe. Not just the potential to create life within your womb, but with your abundant feminine energy, to nurture and love and raise young'uns to be happy and healthy big people. I'm so very grateful that I have a wonderful mother who I am very close to. I salute you all. I love you all. I kneel before your bounty. Have a beautiful day.

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tangoaddict said...

Speaking of mother's day, it reminds me of older ladies in general getting less chance to be asked to dance regardless their skills. It seems to me that these ladies are respected and yet ingored. Just like people tend to forget about them till mother's day. I'm from south central. Is it true on west coast as well? I'm not so new to tango and yet still am puzzling about the rules of being asked to dance. Of course, the single, young pretty ones alway have more dances. What are the "games" for the follower young and old, with and without good technique, single ones and ones with partner? I danced ballroom and other club dances. Nothing comes as nearly complicated as argentine tango.