Saturday, May 3, 2008

TangoGenesis :: What is within?

The Orion Nebula...from the Hubble Space Telescope...

Too often, especially for leaders, tango is about the external. It's about the vocabulary, the elements, the figures, the combinations, the "stuff". It's about the classes, the workshops, the god-teachers, the festivals. Conscious thought and the ego muck it all up. (I'm being good, I wanted to use the 'f' word...)

Knowledge versus "knowing".

We forget that tango, not tango the dance, but tango the feeling, can well up, spring forth, or otherwise materialize within the context of the physical connection we share with our partner - from within us - exclusive of our knowledge. TangoGenesis.

Knowledge is material, physical, tactile. "Knowing" is energetic, spiritual, vibrational. Knowlege is facts and rules and constraints. "Knowing" is the limitless realm of possibility - the infinite.

Tango is born from within. TangoGenesis from what we hold in our hearts, our souls, and our conscious and unconscious thoughts. It is our past life experience, and it is what our future holds. It is what we hold within our energetic beings. It "is" our energetic being. The energy we are and encompass and project to another.

Yes, tango is a feeling, but do you feel tango?

I do.

I've always considered myself more in tune with the "inner" than most. Being more enlightened than the next guy, with regard to what is going on inside, is something I've focused on for many years in my life, and more recently in my tango.

But these past several days, I've had some help. I'm still reading.

The Tao of Tango


Anonymous said...

Dear Alex. You're so good to me :-)

Red shoes said...

It's kind of dismaying how often you say something that's on my mind, better than I can say it. Get out of my brain, will you?

Alex said..., you are so good to all of us...for having written such wise words...

ms. red shoes...but...but...this little corner of your brain is just so warm and comfy...I have a barcolounger, a little fridge with snacks y cervezas frias...I can kick back and watch your thoughts at play...must I leave?

studio wellspring said...

you've described one of the main reason i love to dance in general, but most especially tango. it's All about the internal, ultimately.
and that photo is absolutely captivating ~ thanks for sharing it.

Red shoes said...

Oh, long as you share the cervezas...