Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kiss of Fire :: New Orleans Tango Event

Originally uploaded by Carl Winans

A mini-festival is upcoming at the Royal Sonesta Hotel and the Napoleon House in the French Quarter. Murat & Michelle are featured. It's July 11-13. Come join our Southern brethren for some tango!

Kiss of Fire Website & Info

New Orleans is probably the closest city to Buenos Aires, architecturally and culturally speaking. It was founded in the early 1700's by the French. It's the home of amazing Creole and French colonial architecture, the French Quarter, Jackson Square, the Cabildo, St. Louis Cathedral, street cars on St. Charles Street, casinos, riverboats, beignets and cafe au lait with chickory at the Cafe du Monde, and their famous and unbelievable Cajun French cuisine. Don't forget that I was born in Lafayette, and lived as a little kid in 'Nawlins.


Red Shoes said...

I did my undergrad in New Orleans, and the city definitely kept half my soul when I left...thanks for the update on how the dance is doing in the home of my--quite literal--alma mater.

studio wellspring said...

oh my, if jax wasn't going to be in scotland i'd suggest we go out to new orleans together for this. i've always wanted to spend some time there. and i even have a good friend who lives there that i could stay with. sigh....what dreams may come....