Thursday, June 12, 2008

Over hill and dale to fetch two and a half tons of wood

[Yes, I have gigantic calves that put Popeye's to shame...]

This what 5,000 lbs of douglas fir looks like. I am standing on 10x10 posts, with 6x10 beams underneath on the left, and 4x4 rafters on the right. This is for the timber framed loggia on my current project. The sixteen tons of Pennsylvania Bluestone has been delayed about a week. My back can't wait until the stone arrives.

Today I made the drive up to a sawmill in Tellico Plains, Tennessee - twelve hours total - beautiful country, but a grueling long drive. I always try to cut out the middlemen in transactions like this - saving the client about four grand in this instance. Plus about $1,500 savings by picking it up myself, versus having a trucking company (mis)handle it. I couldn't trust a trucking company to load/haul/deliver the wood without banging it up.

The goal is for the finished product to look something like this - in terms of the smooth, sanded texture and finish of the wood.



Johanna said...

Congratulations, oh King of the Hill. Er, Heep. Um, wood...? Keep us posted on your project. Posted. [heh heh] Get it?

Tina said...

Great calves! :-)

I mean it! I like men's calves.