Friday, June 13, 2008

The project

Now that the project is out of the ground (all of the underground drainage, electrical, irrigation, and foundation work is complete), I will probably be posting more photos and such.

The timbers are on site as of yesterday. My guys were sanding furiously until it started raining. There is an entire contingent of day laborers from Guatemala here. They are mostly legal, with legit green cards. They come for six months out of the year and work and work and then go back home.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard Augusto and Luis speaking una idioma diferente. It reminded me of Quechua - which is a native tongue in the Andes. It was kind of lilting with an air of Portugese inflection.

It turns out they are Maya Indians.

Small world. From building ancient stone pyramids to building a loggia in Gawuhjuh.

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msHedgehog said...

I love to listen for different languages on the Tube and try to guess what they are, or at least what family they belong to. You'd be surprised how much Welsh can sound like Italian if you aren't expecting to hear Welsh. It's fascinating.

[please don't ask what time it is here.]