Friday, June 20, 2008

Strange Tango Dreams

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I just now remembered why I am awake at 4:00am.

I had a really long and strange dream. At the end of it, I was riding a magic carpet. Actually it was more like a magic blanket. I was at a facility that had formerly been used as a swimming training camp, for the Olympics or something. It had huge, vast pools. Although it was dilapidated and the pools were either empty, or filled with skanky green water.

The place was now being used as a tango camp or something along those lines. I remember a long, arduous trek with a handful of friends to get there. I don't remember much of anything while I was there - just scoping the place out - searching and snooping the long halls and nooks and crannies. I have no recollection of any tango music, nor tango dancing - just being there for some event - at this tango camp. It seems to have had a very dark, gulag-like air about it. Everything occured at night - in darkness. I remember being scared - of something.

In the end, we were leaving the place (on water slides), but I was looking for my cameras. They had been confiscated or something. Now the place has a Taliban feeling about it. I was riding my magic blanket from house to house (now the place has a West Texas Church of Latter Day Saints commune feel to it) looking for my cameras. I remember thinking, and telling someone in the dream, someone I could not see, that the cameras were very important to me because that is how I made my living. Maybe I was just thinking it (in the dream).

The most lucid aspect of the dream was the magic blanket ride. It was very late at night and everyone was asleep in their tango camp cabins. I remember some of the details from the blanket, and I remember how the blanket behaved under its magic forces/powers and in the wind. It kept blowing up in my face and obscuring my view. This was no doubt due to my inexperience/inability to "control" the thing with my mind. The basic premise is that you had to "will" it in the direction you wanted to go. Will it to stay flat and aerodynamic. Will it to bank and turn. Will it to accelerate and come to a stop.

Mondo bizarro.

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