Friday, June 20, 2008

More Green Bullshit

Last post for today, I promise.

I was just at Lowe's, too, and noticed a house plan book titled something like "Energy Efficient Home Plans" and green this and green that on the cover. Curious, I thumbed through the plans to see the normal, ubiquitous "grocery/home improvement store checkout line cheesy brain-dead numb-nuts" house plans. It's stuff that looks like it was designed and drawn 60 years ago. Tiny little 9ft x 9ft bedrooms, cut up rooms, hallways, bastardized layouts and traffic flows. The exteriors are all cut up with short walls, strange rooflines, bumpouts, bays, tons of large windows and all manner of INFUCKINGEFFICIENT design. All they did was change the cover to CAPITALIZE [$$$] on the current energy crisis/green bullshite frenzy.

One plan had a special little green box in the corner titled "Super Energy Efficient Design" and talked about using thicker R-38 insulation in the attic. My ass.

This should be illegal. It's tantamount to false advertising. Who do I contact about this? The U.S. Attorney General?

More on the solution side of things later. When I have more time. It will be in my new blog - [grin]


studio wellspring said...

i am so on that soapbox w/ you alex. it frustrates me to no end when people justify such trickery for making a buck, esp when it's something posing to help people & the environment. and the fact that the green design/build movement is so angled towards the wealthy and privilieged is also b.s. until we get a green working class nothing is ever really going to change.

Tina said...

As a daughter of construction (three generations, my father being the last), I hear you.

I totally hear you.