Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Houston Tango Festival - Jan 25-27, 2008

The Houston Tango Festival is right around the corner, as is the San Diego Tango Festival Jan 3-6.


"The Invitation" video by Mikas of the Houston Tango Community::

"The Dream" video by Mikas also...The song on this video is "Mi Otra Mitad de Naranja" ... composed by Glover Gill of Austin Texas ... and performed by the Tosca String Quartet of Austin Texas ... it's on their Tosca Tango Orchestra soundtrack CD from the motion picture "Waking Life" ...


Sarah said...

Hi Alex,

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and enjoying your posts, especially the videos. Are you in Austin? I will be visiting there for a conference in a few weeks and wondered if you can recommend any milonga or practica there during weekdays?


Alex said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading/watching!

I am in Aspen right now, but will be back in Austin on Jan 7 or 8. Go to for a calendar of activities. It's a cool calendar with links to locations, phone numbers and maps. The only practicas I know of are Friday nights (University of Texas Tango), and a long running practica on Sunday nights. Let me know when you will be there and perhaps we can get together to practice or dance. Oh, there is also a milonga on Thursday nights (most weeks) at Lambert's - with live music by GloverTango (Glover Gill - the "famous" Austin based tango composer, pianist, and accordianist). It's always fun and a cool venue - even if the dance floor is oddly shaped...