Friday, December 7, 2007

Tango for the Blind

A report today on NBC Nightly News...

My friend Luciano Mares is involved with this Miami group somehow...although they don't mention him...the group is "Miami Lighthouse for the Blind"...Luciano is also involved in Buenos Aires teaching tango to the blind...and I think also to the deaf...if I'm not mistaken...

Teaching blind teens to tango
Teaching blind teens to tango

Here is another video...more from the founders/organizers...

Teaching the blind to lead
Teaching the blind to lead

This, my friends, is good tango... is a link to an article...with links to both videos on it...


Luciano Mares said...

Hi Alex. It is great you saw the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams report! Let me clarify a couple of things about this project for you. The Shimmy Club, Inc.SM, is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity based in Miami. They designed, organized and funded their You Move Me TangoSM program which teaches Argentine tango to the blind and visually impaired in Argentina and Miami. I have been teaching for The Shimmy Club here in Buenos Aires, since they first initiated this program working with blind adults in classes which are held at Asociacion de Ayuda al Ciego (ASAC). The Shimmy Club has since initiated their program as well in Miami teaching blind and visually impaired teens and volunteer sighted teen mentors in classes held at The Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. To clarify your question regarding the deaf, unfortunately, oftentimes those who are blind also possess additional disabilities. I hope you enjoyed the report, this has been an incredible experience for all of us on the team involved in helping this project come to life. If you would like to know more, please visit their website,
Thanks for taking the time to recognize the importance of the value of this project. Saludos Luciano Mares (Bs As Argentina)

Malena said...

Dear Alex and Luciano,
Thank you for sharing this amazing story and the additional information. I have no words to describe how moving it is to see this.
Strangely, earlier today, before I saw your post, a group of visually impaired adults came to our floor at work to sing Christmas carols (I work in the building of the Lighthouse International in NY). I don't know how to describe this, but as I was listening, I was overwhelmed by this feeling that I was not worthy to be present there. These people, with the tough hand they were dealt in life, had more positive attitude and holiday cheer than any of us healthy individuals present in the room. They came to carol for us!
With blind eyes, but with so much light in their faces! I felt utterly ashamed for often losing perspective of what is really important in life, for being vain and petty in my preoccupation with insignificant matters.

Then when my friend Eva forwarded to me Alex's blog page as she loved the tango dreams story, I found this post and thought the idea is absolutely brilliant. I know what difference tango has made in my life, I can only imagine how it can open up a completely new world for someone who can't see, but I am sure can feel that much more powerfully and with every fiber of their being.
Now I have a whole new motivation to learn how to lead as well, so that I can some day contribute to this cause. Thank you both again!

Malena said...

Alex, I forgot to mention - great blog, beautiful posts!

Arvid said...

Hi Alex!

Thank you for spreading the word of this important work.

I want to start giving lessons to the blind and visually impaired in Norway and I searched the web and found your page.

Is there someone who can give me some guidance?