Monday, November 26, 2007

Tango::Fandango de Tango - Milonga #4 - Saturday

Saturday's milonga was the "main event" - 9pm to 5am - with performances by the maestros/teachers. Stephen Brown of Dallas DJ'd - so the music was great. I don't get the salsa and rock tandas early in the evening - I think that's a personal issue for me, so I will quit bitching about it.

The tango music was great - so the dance floor was full. The organizers were expecting roughly 400 people to attend. I would guess there were 200 on the dance floor at the peak of the evening - just before and just after the performances. This was what I would call a mildly crowded floor (not supercrowded). This would ordinarily not be a problem except that I think more than fifty percent of the leaders were beginners. As such, there were more than usual floorcraft and navigation characters - basiceighters - assbackwardsdancers - yahoos - generalidiots - generalidiotsteachingonthefloor.

I was a (male) tango whore - I suppose the correct term might be Tango Gigolo. I felt like a whore - or at least a promiscuous bitch - whoring around from woman to woman - follower to follower. I did my civic duty here and there - but mostly danced with some very nice followers who I wanted to dance with. Nice dances, nice connections. Here is the cast of characters...

Classy Dallas Brunette (shoulda danced with her more...)
Tucson Goddess
La Mariposa de Phoenix
Tall but Needy
Ottoman Empress
The Astronaut-ess
Lithuanian Lolita (pleading the 5th here..)
Ms. Tango Crush (sweet...sweet dances...sweet woman...very sweet)

There were a few more, but I can't remember them now. And even more I wanted to ask, but there just wasn't time. I wussed out at 3am - pulled a disappearing act - and disappeared. My lower back was bothering me again.

Classic cabeceo is impossible in these large ballrooms - so it happens in the walking around - to get water - to reconnoiter the other side of the room - whatever. A smile here, eye contact there, an occasional "hi". I need to learn to be more focused - quality vs. quantity you know. But, I wanted to dance with as many women as possible to get over my "not asking" issues. Plus, when the music is that good - you just HAVE to dance, you know? Sitting through beautiful music is agony.

I had a little ripple in the fabric of this blog early Sunday morning. I almost just quit posting all together - feeling like this is just drivel - of no real benefit to anyone - not really interesting reading - just me bitching about this and that - that I could spend my time better on other things - that there are so many more important things going on in this world.

I don't know...we shall see...


tangobaby said...

Hi Alex,

Please don't stop writing! I like reading your blog.

And then the gender imbalance in the blog world will be even worse.


Elizabeth said...

Don't you dare quit!