Monday, November 26, 2007

Tango::Fandango de Tango - Milonga #4 - The Performances

Fabian Salas y Carolina del Rivero
These two are so sensually connected it's unbelievable to me...I think they are two of the most "natural" dancers...very natural, smooth movement...yet technically advanced at the same time...I think they and their style is under-rated...I like Carolina's new look - with bangs - "Goth Tango"???

Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa
Fantastic as always...starting out with a milonga as their first dance was of the top five couples in the world if you ask three?

Guillermo Merlo y Fernanda Ghi
Too dramatic and showy...too much Vegas...for my taste...

Diego di Falco y Carolina Zokalski
My personal favorites...dancing what I see as "achievable" tango...nothing too fancy, rich and sweet...

Nito y Elba Garcia
Beautiful estilo milonguero...huge applause and standing ovations...our elders were definitely respected...

Alex Krebs y Luciana Valle
I'm not crazy about their style - not much to say...the "token" gringos/nuevos of the festival...

Pablo Pugliese y Noel Strazza
I loved their barefoot "collision" of modern dance and Argentine Tango...others did not...

I should have written more when it was fresher in my mind. I know I had more to say, but have lost it, forever. The emcee, Ricardo, had them all switch partners for the last dance or two. That was fun to watch! The event was great - great performances across the board!!!

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