Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aack! Sorry, I forgot about the Las Vegas Tango Weekend.

In posting about upcoming U.S. Tango festivals, I totally forgot about a small, but intense one. I haven't actually been, but I've heard good things about it from friends who have.

Los Hermanos Macana [Enrique y Guillermo di Fazio] will be there!

It's September 18-21 - just a few weeks away, but that's one of the nice things about Vegas, you can pretty much just drop what you're doing and show up. Show up in the city that is, not the festival - you still would be wise to pre-register, although you have missed any early bird registration deadlines.

Here's the website :: http://www.lasvegastangoweekend.com/presentacion.html

It's being billed as a combination of Tango instruction simultaneously with Master Musicians - strongly focusing on musicality.

Here's the lineup ::

Hermanos Macana
Graciela Gonzales
Fernanda Ghi y Guillermo Merlo (Teachers and Organizers)

Special Guest Musicians::
Pepe y Pablo Motta (Pablo Motta Trio)
Anibal Berraute Quartet
Melanie Hutton (Singer)
Hugo Latorre

I've taken workshops before with Fernanda y Guillermo - they're great - I'm sure the entire event will be a good one. You could expect the majority of folks from Arizona, California, Vegas, Reno and other western states.

Plus, I imagine the airfares to Vegas are some of the lowest in the country right now.

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