Wednesday, August 6, 2008

FBI: Hospital used homeless as 'human pawns'

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

These are your dollars. This is your money. Tax dollars (okay, FICA withholding) that should be going to something useful.

The citizens and taxpayers of the United States are being Enroned and ripped off by our own government.

The Federal Deficit is growing by $1,000,000 per minute. One fucking million dollars per fucking minute.

They are stealing our money and our future, and our children's future.

Sonsabitches. They should have their skin peeled slowly in a public square and be left for the flies.

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studio wellspring said...

not to put more salt in the wound, but to add to this unfortunate subject you bring up: did you know the federal reserve bank is privately owned? stop & think about that for a second. even tho our gov't is robbing us in so many, many ways, from a financial perspective the u.s. gov't is perpetually in debt & ultimately controlled from the outside. they must buy every single dollar & cent this country uses from a group of extremely powerful & wealthy people who own & run the federal reserve bank. i have a bachelor's degree in economics & never once did i hear about this in school. i actually found out by accident quite recently & i've been shocked by the implications ever since.