Friday, August 29, 2008

Albuquerque aka Denver Tango Festival :: This weekend!

Albuquerque/Denver Tango Festival

That's right, they are dancing tonight (and last night) in ABQ! Tomorrow night, Sunday night. Lots of dancing - all milonguero. All my friends are there and I am working through the weekend. Even on Monday. Suckage.

Here's a tentative schedule...for those of you Googling for it online...


ModernTanguera said...

Oh maaaan. I hadn't even looked at the schedule before, because I knew I couldn't go. And now I'm sad.

What a great line-up of topics to cover! Embrace, connection, navigation, balance, the follower walking forward, musical phrasing, movement & breathing, ... Mmmm. Ah well. I'll have to watch for the schedule of Tom's next festival. :)

Alex said...

Yup, it's a good one. I'm definitely thinking/planning real hard about going to the Memorial Day Fest next year.

To those readers who may not be aware - there are two Denver Festivals by the same organizer (Tom Stermitz) each year - one on Memorial Day weekend in May, and one on Labor Day weekend in September. The one in May is very slightly beginner/intermediate oriented and the one Sept is more int/adv.

At either one, the level of dancing is very high - good nav & floorcraft all around - and very milonguero. Both are billed as "milonguero" festivals.

If you can go, either one of these are world class tango events.