Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tango En Vivo

My buddy Rigoberto [so named for anonymity] sent me the video below of La Cumparsita/D'Arienzo last night. I've seen it before, and thought that I had actually posted it in the past. I also remember posting the one of Adrian Guida. I was not able to sift through and find them, though. There was a period several months ago that I was posting stuff without tagging it. I'll have to go back and fix that. Orphans.

Anyway, there is something about live tango that stirs the soul. Something about transporting yourself back to the day when it was all live - or at least there might have been special events, like there are now, where a live orquestra was on stage.

Many people don't like to dance to a live orquestra, as the individual musicians sometimes don't mesh into one contiguous rhythym. I have had the pleasure of dancing to Extasis in Denver, and also Orquestra Color Tango at the Buenos Aires Social Club, where I developed a crush on their pianista. I'll lead off with them in the video line-up.

Thanks to Rigoberto for the subject of this post. Do a little searching on YouTube - there is an amazing amount of stuff out there. I've included some links at the bottom.

Oh, my point is that if you ever get the chance to see a live event/orquestra/duo/trio/quartet/quintet/whatever performance, or dance at one, definitely, most definitely, go for it.

Orquestra Color Tango :: Malena

Orquestra del Rey del Company y Juan D'Aienzo :: La Cumparsita

A live (TV) version of la orquestra del Rey del Compas, led by Juan D'Arienzo.
Note that this YouTube user/channel, has 837 videos of live performances of the Singers, Golden Age Tango Orquestras, Bandoneonistas, and modern day Orquestras as well. There are also interviews, film clips and TV show clips. Hugo, in NYC, has done a remarkable job collecting and cataloging a wealth of historical footage. We owe guys like this a huge debt of gratitude.

This is the one Rigoberto sent me...
[Embedding disabled by user.]

Osvaldo Pugliese :: Alberto Moran :: El Abrojito

The following is one of my favorites for the passion of the singer...sheesh man, the hair is standing on end all the way up and down my neck and back just listening to this now...

Osvaldo Pugliese :: Adrian Guida :: Y No Puedo Olvidarte

Extasis Tango :: Denver Tango Festival :: Mercury Cafe
Thanks go to miles/tangobliss for the video...

Javier Ponce :: Malena

Ashes in Order :: August Hoerr :: Shane Perlowin :: Asheville, NC :: Anaphora Tango
Ashes in Order is Shane Perlowin on guitar and August Hoerr on accordion. They are based in Asheville, North Carolina. This piece, entitled Anaphora Tango, was composed by August. August is the son of tango friends here.

And no post on this subject would be complete without mention of the esteemed and exalted Mr. Glover Gill and Glover Tango (and sometimes the Tosca String Quartet). Glover is a composer, pianist and accordionist.

This first one is "Mi Otra Mitad de Naranja", composed by Glover and performed by the Tosca String Quartet. More of a nuevo piece. The video is by tangohous/Mikas.

Glover Gill :: Mi Otra Mitad de Naranja [partial]

The second one I wanted to post I couldn't find. It's Glover's piano solo of the song "Malena". He is an amazing pianist, tattoos and all. His solo of Malena is even better than Lucio Demare's. Look for Glover's CD titled "Solo Tango". It's a good one. Get it!

Happy Wednesday to all. Oh, I almost forgot about the ya go...

My Favorites on my YouTube Channel "ZGman" [Disregard the non-tango stuff, especially the rooftop rough sex/porno]

HAranguiz [Hugo in NYC] - Most extensive collection...

The fuckers at YouTube are cracking down. One link I was going to leave you is "Elvio07". It appears they have suspended his channel.

ElCachafaz08 It appears this might be Elvio07's new channel.

Here's a good playlist embed from Oleh/ live orchestra footage, but a good catalog of 23 different tango orquestras...

Keep searching on your own...there's tons of stuff out there...

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cindy said...

for dancing to live music, I can recommend Trio Folias (with guests), who sometimes play at Ann Arbor festival milongas. Gabriela sings a mean Garua!