Friday, August 22, 2008

Who'da thunk?

My nail bag...
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I finally got the roof deck completed and dried in as of noon today. I picked up the timbers in Tennessee on June 15. I never would have thought it would have taken me this long, but, I essentially did it by myself. I had help standing the 10"x10" posts up - they weigh in at 450lbs each. Then I had help this week with the double layer of plywood decking and getting the felt (tar paper) on the roof. Otherwise, it was just me. About 500 manhours of labor.

I figured out that the 4x4 rafters had between 16 (for commons) and 24 (for jacks) separate/individual "actions" done to them. Just lots and lots of tedious and painstaking work. Plus, there is a high degree of perfection in the joinery. Due to the natural (slight) twist in the ridge and hip rafter structural members, each common and jack rafter was scribed to fit perfectly. Only one or two fit on the first try.

Anyway, I will start laying stone on Monday, and will squeeze the roof shingles into the next week somehow. Maybe I will work at night, in the dark.

I'm beat. I think I'm going to sleep all weekend. It's supposed to rain.

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Mtnhighmama said...

I got a moment to look through your flickr account the other day, and I just wanted to acknowledge the major work you did, and the beauty of it. I'm sure you are feeling "in" it, and probably ready to be done, but ah, your work is lovely!

And so are the rest of your photos.