Monday, March 10, 2008

$12 billion (U.S.) per month

That's the cost (estimated) - the total "burn rate" of the war in Iraq. $12,000,000,000 per month. The interest alone (on the borrowed money to finance the war) is estimated to approach $816,000,000,000 - that's $816 billion.

And what, exactly, is the point we are trying to prove?

It's fucking sick.


Caren42 said...

A majority once voted for this politics, no? Later people say that they are/were not responsable.
And some get rich by a war, guess who...
This all tears too many down.
But who can and will stop it? And then?
Perhaps I am just too stupid to understand what is behind all this. I prefer any kind of embrace.

Alex said...

I don't stay up to date with politics and government as much as I should. But it's my undertanding that the American people did not vote to approve the war. President Bush did his thing without even so much as congressional approval. I think the congress later "approved" it once U.S. forces were already there fighting.

Unfortunately, "democracy" does not work the way it was exactly intended (by our forefathers)anymore. As a result, you have a President/businessman who can take action against another country purely for the capitalist gain involved.

I do believe the majority of Americans are against the war in Iraq, but powerless to stop it. We can only elect a new President (and congress) who share our views. Unfortunately, they can say this to garner the vote, and then not follow through on it when it comes time to actually do something about it.

Such is the way of American "politics"...and "democracy"....

Caren42 said...

People could "foresee", imo, the family was well known. And when you look into someone's eyes and read the body language both tell the truth. I did not really follow what is going on right now, whether Clinton is better than Obama, but I hope people will vote for the best and not only for the best looking.

To be a politician or a teacher you must have a certain structure: either you are really interested in "doing the best for the community" (then you won't be successful in the long run because ALL must WORK together) or you love power and to tell others what is good for them, sometimes for own matters. What happens right now is that the governments need stupid consumers for keeping the economy up. But it doesn't work as the americans feel right now (and we with you); when greed marries stupidity the marriage cannot last long. Unfortunately the human nature is to be lazy as long as possible.

I don't say that we Europeans are any better! We missed some chances, too. And we are still dependent.
I agree that democracy doesn't work anymore as intended. It needs a lot of understanding and responsability for the community and a good character. But nowadays the "to have" counts more than the "to be" :(

Let's change at least a little bit :) Every journey (like every tango) begins with a first step. Caminar.........

Alex said...

One of my favorite sayings was by Gandhi..."BE the change you wish to see in the world..."