Monday, March 24, 2008

Seduced by Tango :: PBS Documentary

Here's some new info I ran across...

Seduced by Tango :: Winter/Spring 2009 Release
Producing organization: Tatge/Lasseur Productions. Episodes: 1 x 90 (HD). Status: preproduction, fundraising. Budget: $1.3 million. Host: Robert Duvall. Talent: Pablo Veron. Producer/director: Catherine Tatge. Producer: Dominique Lasseur. Composer/music supervisor: Tom Montgomery. Writer: Glenn Berenbeim. Coordinating producer: Bunny Tavares. Contact: Bunny Tavares, bunny@, 831-462-6004. Program explains why tango is not just a dance but a refuge, a way of life and a philosophy. Tango artist Pablo Veron prepares dancers for a pilgrimage to Argentina. The producers are soliciting dance couples on website:


msHedgehog said...

Pablo Veron teaches at Negracha in central London sometimes. I've never taken his class myself. Friends who have, say that he talks a lot. Next time I get the chance perhaps I'll take it and report back, since he seems to be one of those people everyone has heard of.

Alex said...

Yes, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts. A male teacher here in the U.S., in the pacific northwest, who I respect very much, has said that Pablo Veron is the best tango dancer in the world.