Saturday, March 29, 2008

Leaders as drivers...followers as cars...

56 Caddy
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From a link Ms. Hedgehog provided...comparing leaders to various types of car drivers...note that some of the posts are from Great Britain, so a few I don't get...

Leaders...driver "types ::

The taxi driver
always in a rush, just wants to get to the destination, but not always taking the needs of the passenger into account.

The chauffeur
A lovely smooth ride, optimum pleasure for his passenger.

F1 racing driver
Handles the car with ultimate precision, every turn well though out in advance.

The Bus Driver
The vehicle must need as much strength as possible to get it moving, stands to reason as it's so large, surely?????

The Learner Driver
Nervous, breaks down every movement needed to drive the car. Ecstatic to get from A to B.

The Sunday Driver
Wants to drive purely for the pleasure. Takes it easy, without worrying about the other drivers and their hangups.

The Demolition Derby Driver
Doesn't care about the damage caused to his car, just wants to enjoy himself!

The Drive-in-Movie Driver
The car isn't going anywhere, and he 's mostly focussed on getting his hand up your skirt

The Compulsive Mechanic
Can't stop himself from fiddling and tweaking

The Stunt Driver
Extreme driving, takes mad risks, needs an audience

The mechanic
He's more interested in the workings of the car and what's under the bonnet that actually making the ride pleasant for his passenger

the gocart driver
wants to be a F1 driver, but looks like a beginner

the rally driver
who needs bungee jumping to get an adrenaline rush.

the black cab driver
knows exactly what to do, but insists on talking all the way through.

the premier insurance driver
more concerned with keeping their no claims bonus than trying anything interesting

the minibus driverdouble trouble is for wimps

The 'Back-seat Driver'
Not actually driving, but insists on commenting / taking control.

The 'Commuter'
Looks down at all the other drivers who don't know all the short-cuts on his daily journey. Hates being overtaken, cut across or drivers of a better model.

The 'BMW Driver'
Owns the road, especially the fast lane.

The Automatic Car Driver
Puts into forward, sits back and lets the car do all the work. When he's finished his journey puts it into neutral and abandons it.

The Male Driver
Completely lost but will not ask for directions

The Tailgater
Always drives that leetle bit too close for comfort, despite your tendency to nudge the brakes as a warning.

The Flash Git
Drives everywhere with hazard lights flashing (especially common around Xmas and Halloween time)

And then here are some follower car "types" ::

The Mercedes
smooth, refined, but a bit soul-less

like a mercedes, but better to drive

The Skoda
everything works, but somehow the overall effect is lost

The VW Beetle
a triumph of style over technique

The Rover
been dancing for years, but still can't do the basics

The MG
A Rover that has done 1 style workshop

The Ferrari
can't wait to be let off the leash, tight and responsive

The 4x4
always gets in the way of everyone else

The Land Rover
doesn't matter what you do, will always come back for more.

The Aston Martin
the ultimate

The Renault Megane
a slightly out of proportion booty with a lot of hip action.

Ford Escort
does the basics relatively competently, no bells and whistles, gears will crunch if you try to change too quickly

The Hearse
Always in black. Very smooth. Incapable of going faster than 40bpm. Identifiable by the convoy of other vehicles following her around. If you hang around her too long, she may drive you to religion.

The Convertible
versatile and able to play more than one role. Some men feel uneasy with left hand drive models

How about the car with the broken shock-absorbers that just won't stop bouncing?

The '56 Caddy
Nice ride, but handles like the Exxon Valdez, fully loaded, in high seas...


tangobaby said...

I think that is pretty damn funny. A guy I danced with in Venice said I was like a Ferrari, which totally cracked me up. But I couldn't take it too seriously because being in Italy, it made sense that he would call me that instead of a Honda or a Volkswagen.

Also, compared to some of the other women in the room, I guess I was a Ferrari, but being a big fish in a little pond doesn't count either.

Alex said...

Hola baby...

We leaders talk of Ferraris often. It's the common term to describe a responsive follower with tight suspension...