Monday, March 10, 2008

Short Film :: Whirling Dervish

Here's a cool little short film from a filmmaker up in Aspen - Bill Fisher [Sourtoe Films]. It's got a tango element in it. The dancers are Heather Morrow and Isaac Oboka - dancing in the "mall" part of the Ute City Bank Building. It's a very quaint old historic (rose colored sandstone) building built in the 1880's during the siliver mining boom in Aspen. There used to be a pretty good restaurant there - the Ute City Bar and Grill - but now it's a Burberry of London store.


Elizabeth said...

That is a sweet little work of art. It has an authentic and familiar feeling to me. Kids know.

tangobaby said...

That's really lovely, Alex. Please tell your friend we want more.

sourtoe said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Whirling Dervish has screened at the following film festivals so far - Aspen Shortsfest, Starz Denver International, Atlanta Underground, Salem, Flickerings and Caught Short(Australia). I had a great time making the short and was very happy I was able to incorporate tango dancing. Thanks again.
Bill Fisher