Monday, March 24, 2008

I've been robbed!

I just went to a movie. 7pm to 9pm....crowded parking lot...lots of light...cop car patrolling would think it was safe. But...

I've been reading in the paper about carjackings, armed robberies, robberies, burglaries, car break ins, kidnappings, muggings, and even a few murders. You may have read or heard about the unfortunate incident about the Auburn University coed who was murdered. It turns out the guy who did it (and confessed) mugged and assaulted a woman and her daughter two days before he kidnapped and murdered the coed. The mugging occurred in the Sam's Club parking lot right across the street from the movie theater. In my town. Little city I suppose. Criminalville.

Having heard about all this stuff, I even took the extra precaution to remove the tape player thingy (and the wire) and tuck it, along with my iPod, into my center console. When I got back into my vehicle, the glove box door was open. I thought that was strange, but thought that maybe it wasn't closed well and popped open. Then I saw some stuff laying on the passenger seat that should not have been there. I opened the center console and my iPod was gone.

Somehow they unlocked my vehicle without setting off the car alarm. A buddy I called to vent said criminals have a receiver/detector that they can capture your locking/unlocking code. I suppose that's what happened. So lock your vehicle by hand, not with the keyless entry thingy. No broken windows, no other damage, they didn't steal the entire car, so I suppose I should be thankful.

They also focused right in front seat. I had my Nikon D-200 with me and had the foresight to tuck it under the back seat and cover it with a bandana. That's easily three or four grand. Whew! Then in the back cargo area, was my Porter Cable laser level - that puppy cost me about $850. They didn't touch that, or my hand tools.


The most important thing of all though, is that they didn't make off with my tango shoes. Two pairs in the back seat, still intact.

Very lucky.

I will call my insurance company about the iPod tomorrow and see if I can get it replaced - although the deductible is likely more than the value of the iPod. The pisser is that they stole my backup iPod. My brand new one broke about a week ago after it fell on the floor.

It sucks. It's a violation. All criminals suck, but thieves really suck.

No more movies for me. This town is not safe.


studio wellspring said...

oh no! so sorry to hear of your misfortune. hopefully this means you've got some delightful plentiful luck coming your way soon now.

Alex said...

thank you ms. wellspring...

hopefully...I figure this person needed it more than I did...I hope it helps their life, and doesn't hurt it (stealing and selling stuff for drugs)...

I have my other one, which I need to see if it's covered under warranty, and possibly send it in for a replacement...I bought the three year extended warranty...