Monday, March 17, 2008

Seduced by Tango Documentary :: Interview #01 :: Laura Tate

After I read about this documentary, I did a search on YouTube and found only this one video/interview. I think she is the first person to upload her interview to YouTube.

It's well done - casual, "down home" (e.g. no fancy editing or anything), sweet, real, and from the heart. I think she represents the Argentine tango community well. Very well.

Here it is...interview with the divine Miss Laura Tate...or is it Mrs...?

I have already forgotten about Sabrina Masso...and I'm thinking about moving second ex-wife was a California girl...(grin)...

Also, as is the case most of the time with YouTube, the audio track and video are not perfectly synch'd...compression algorithm issues...

And once again, here is the link to the documentary website ::


Tassili said...

Alex, would you know the deadline for this project? It doesn't say anything about it...
P.S.: I love your blog. Read it everyday, sometimes several times a day. I love to feel I am not the only Tango Addict on Earth! ;-)) And I also love your way of talking about it.

Alex said...

Hola Tassili,

I'm not sure about a deadline, and there is no way to contact the producers from their website, short of submitting videos.

Thanks for the compliment! I always appreciate the feedback. And yes, you are not the only tango addict out there, we are many.