Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Ballroom, Palazzo Parisio

The Ballroom, Palazzo Parisio
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Would tango, danced in a ballroom like this, be "better"? Feel better, seem better, actually "be" better?

I wonder....


Anonymous said...

Maybe not, Alex. But I bet everybody would dress better :-)

studio wellspring said...

i think the feelings before you start dancing, while you're watching and preparing, might be better for the scenery, but i think once you're dancing it would still be all about the music and the partner. especially since i completely lose myself in just that {eyes closed, mind floating} and often forget where i really am.

tangobaby said...

I think being in beautiful surroundings cannot help but improve one's capacity for enjoyment.

Being in a special space creates its own energy that can definitely be appreciated and felt, whether your eyes are open or not. I would think that being in a historic place that was created for the enjoyment of dancing and music would make it even better.