Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tango Technique :: Back Ochos in Parallel

Normally, we do back ochos in crossed system - the lead changes his weight - so lead and follow are right/right & left/left in terms of their foot placement. In parallel system - the normal walk is right/left & left/right - in terms of which foot/leg we are stepping with. (This basic primer is for the beginner/readers.)

It is possible to do back ochos in parallel - essentially the leader is doing a front ocho to her back ocho - stepping with the right to her right (outside) and then pivoting and stepping with the left to her left (outside).

The key for the lead is not to change weight - at the moment when you lead her into the first back ocho (to your left) - step across (in parallel system) with your left - placing your foot on her left side - then as you lead the next ocho - you pivot on your right foot and step across with your left foot.

I had forgotten this. It's kinda cool. Try it.

I didn't really try it in close embrace. Our students here have been dancing salon/open for the past year. We're going to have to gradually introduce them to milonguero/close embrace.

I think it's possible in close embrace, but with a very fluid/dynamic embrace. I'll have to give a try.


msHedgehog said...

I think someone did that with me on Tuesday. Cool, isn't it? I think we somehow came out of it sort of sideways. There's lots of potential in the exit.

I suppose you could try it close in with the no-pivot ochos. I can't see why it wouldn't work logically, but it might be tricky physically.

I'd be interested to know how it goes if you give it a try.

Ana said...

The last sunday class I attended was focused on it. It is OK in close embrace, but with soft and relaxed one. Also instead of pivot, the leader may just change the front with small (almost weight changes)steps during the follower's pivot.