Saturday, February 9, 2008

Life :: I'm Bored Part II


Here's a photo of my practice shoes, their bag, and stuff in the bag. The shoes are Tango Leike - which I can vouch as the best fit and construction I have found. These shoes are over 2 years old and still going strong. I highly recommend them.

They are Model 181-300 and come in other colors. I sometimes get a comment about them being "flashy" but they are unbelievably comfortable for those long days in workshops so I don't really care about the color/style. At a Fabian Salas/Carolina del Rivero workshop, he looked at my shoes and said "I have a pair of those...I wish I would have brought them with me..."

The other stuff includes: my favorite skull & crossbones bicycling socks; Eclipse brand mints (the best!); my "dew rag" (bandana); and an Apple Airport Express - I always travel fully prepared to's the boy scout in me. This little booger allows me to do it wirelessly with my computer - sitting discreetly at a table, or in a corner - kinda like the wizard behind the curtain in the movie "The Wizard of Oz". It's always been my preference not to be right up front or on stage. I like the concept of the music magically emanating from and filling the room.

These items are laying on the floor of my dedicated tango room in my new casa. It's nice to have a room dedicated to dancing/practicing. It's got a big mirror in it - a Bose iPod dock - and that's it. Eventually, con mas dinero, I will do a mirrored wall and some of my tango photography.

It's nice to have a house/home and be settling in...finally...even if I am wandering around the place bored...

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