Friday, February 22, 2008

Tango Short Films & Clips

Here are the ones I know of...all in one place...

Tanghi Argentini :: Tango Short Film
This 2006 Belgian short was nominated this year (2008) for the Academy Awards, but it did not win...

Tango Surrender :: Tango Documentary
A documentary film by Marcia Rock filmed in its entirety in NYC. Here is the YouTube trailer:

La Apertura :: Tango Short Film

En Tus Brazos :: Animated Tango Short Film

Perdizione :: Tango Short Film [Italian Grocery Store]
Link to the full version:

Perdizione :: YouTube Trailer

Houston Tango [Mikas] :: Invitation clip [to the Houston Tango Festival]

Houston Tango [Mikas] :: Dream

Monica Bellucci in Heart Tango :: Commercial for Intimissi Lingerie


Anonymous said...

FYI--Houston Tango Festival will have a short tango film festival (under 5 mins.) as part of its program next year--January 22-25, 2009. We will announce it in the next few months.

Houston Tango Festival Team

Elizabeth said...

Alex, have you seen "Surrender Tango"? A wonderful small film.
I have the trailer for it on my blog. It is 4 or 5 entries down,
It is hard to find or rent, but I have her email if anyone wants to order it.

Alex said...

Hi Elizabeth!

No, I haven't seen it, but I think I posted something about it last year.

I've updated my post to include it and one other - "Tanghi Argentini" - which was nominated for an Oscar this year, but did not win.

DiStelvio said...

Bravo! I tip my hat to you; I envy you and admire you. I am Argentinean and, to my regret, I have never learned how to do the much as I love it, both as a song and as a dance.
you write with such ease and confidence that it makes a person feel as if one is listening to a friend. Thanks! I am glad I came across your blog.
All the Best!

Alex said...

Hola DiStelvio!

Thank you for the kind words.

It's never too late to learn the tango you know...

Take care,


Mari said...

Alex, this is *exactly* why I always read your blog first. (What a perfect way to start my day.) Thank you for posting these.

cindy said...

tanghi argentini is available now in a compilation of 2007 academy award nominated shorts... it is only about 11 minutes long, & completely charming! sweet & funny.