Saturday, February 16, 2008

Callanwolde Milonga

I just returned from the Callanwolde Milonga. Very, very interesting old estate - now on the national register of historic places. Although, there were actually some idiots who where going to demolish it in the early 1970's. It was built by one of the heirs to the CocaCola fortune.

Anyway, now they have a milonga there once in a while. There were mostly beginner/ing dancers there - but that didn't stop me from having fun with a couple of tango babes. Actually three or four. It was fun.

Also, a killer wood floor. Very nice, smooth, almost too slippery.

Building Exterior :: 1 sec exposure/handheld (a bit blurry)
Callanwolde Milonga

Main Ballroom :: Low light/high noise
Callanwolde Milonga :: Main Dance Floor

Adjacent Ballroom :: the newbies were in here practicing and playing
The fireplace is handcarved marble...with a level of detail I have never seen...
Callanwolde Milonga :: Adjacent ballroom

The main staircase :: intricate ceiling medallion overhead
Callanwolde Milonga :: Main Staircase
Overall, a very nice experience, worth the almost 2 hour drive...if only there were a few more experienced followers...


Anonymous said...

The experienced dancers were at the other milonga on Miami Circle with some lovely 'live' music. Two hours from Callanwolde is......???? I thought you were in Austin.

Alex said...

I saw the other milonga on the Tango_GA yahoo site...but chose Callanwolde based on architectural I know my options next time...thanks for the tip...

tangobaby said...

What a gorgeous place for a milonga! I'm with you, Alex, I would go there just for the building and next time try to bring some friends with me.

Where is this place?

Alex said...


La Nuit Blanche said...

for delivery:

one order of coca cola, building included.

sincerely, tango dancers in new york city....