Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Milonga :: El Flaco y Silvina

Dancing a milonga at Porteño y Bailarín in Buenos Aires...Fransisco Canaro's "Milongon"...

I've had the distinct pleasure of dancing with both of them...Silvina in private lessons in Atlanta...and dancing next to El Flaco (Dany Garcia) at Salon Canning. It's an interesting effect, when you go to BsAs and see the "famous" people - it's like they are movie stars. In addition to El Flaco, I saw Facundo y Kely Posadas, and spent a week learning from Gustavo y Giselle Anne.

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Johanna said...

Classy and classic! Thank you!

Oh, and I just noticed the lightened background on your blog. Looks great. My eyes thank you!