Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gustavo y Giselle - Back Volcada

This is a video I took at a G&G workshop last summer in Atlanta.

Pay close attention at time stamp 0:43 or so, he leads her in two in a row, one on each side. Notice that his is very much tilting her axis forward toward him - making this a volcada instead of an enganchada. The one to the leader's left side (her left foot behind the right) is really hard for me to lead.

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msHedgehog said...

I notice that when he does that, he's actually moving backwards a little bit, and the toe of her back foot is ending up in front of the other one.

Try doing what she's doing there, just standing somewhere on your own. It's quite interesting. This week in a class I realised I could do it, but it took some concentration and it feels kind of surprising.

Later on she does the reverse - doing a kind of forward ocho, but travelling backwards.

Is it harder on one side because one of your feet is in front of the other? Is it still harder if you do it on the spot, I mean?