Friday, February 15, 2008

Tango :: Musicality :: What it "looks" get to what it "feels like"...

We/I seem to always be "talking" about musicality in tango. Let's see what it "looks" like. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a YouTube video must be worth at least ten thousand...

Keep in mind these are professional couples/instructors...and this is "demo" tango, not really what you will see/do on the social dance floor. The point is musicality can be expressed in many ways - small and almost imperceptible on the social dance floor - and contradicting myself here - musicality ultimately is not about what it looks like, but what it feels like.

Chico Frumboli y Eugenia Parrilla :: Rodolfo Biagi's "El Recodo" [short clip]

Murat y Michelle Erdemsel :: Anibal Troilo's "En Esta Tarde Gris"

Los Hermanos Macana :: Francisco Canaro's "Relíquias Porteñas"
Musicality and Humor combined...

Detlef Engel y Melina Sedo :: Canaro's "Milonga Sentimental"

Ney Melo y Jennifer Bratt :: Carlos DiSarli's "Nido Gaucho"

One of the weaknesses of YouTube is that sometimes the audio and video are "de"-synchronized when uploaded and the audio and video do not track properly together. This video is an example of this. I have the original CITA DVD version of this dance, and their musicality is perfect - dead on with the music. It appears to me in this YouTube version that the audio is lagging as much as one or two seconds behind the video.
Ezequiel Farfaro y Milena Plebs :: Alfredo Zitarrosa's Pa'l que se va"

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Johanna said...

Excellent selection Alex.

And although I will probably incur the wrath of their fans, an excellent example of what I see as "rhythmic" but not real "musical expression" in the the Ney and Jennifer video.