Friday, April 18, 2008

An argument for longer, deeper kisses...Part I

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss

I have stopped trying to figure out how my mind works. It's a losing battle. But somehow, after I posted the "Argument for longer cortinas" post, I started thinking about a woman I kissed once. Then I started thinking about long, deep, sweet, warm, connected kisses. It's almost as if I had totally forgotten about kisses. It's been that long for me.

I take that back. There was a fantastic 15 minutes of kissing in the parking lot at the Fandango de Tango in Austin last Thanksgiving.

I love to kiss. I miss it. Because I'm tall, I most often end up kissing a woman like Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" - when it's a standing kiss. My head is down, hers is nestled to the side against my left pec, my right hand is cradling her neck, my fingers in her hair. Okay, I'm having one of my "holy shit" moments.

Anyway, here's the story...

When I was a single man in Aspen, I would sometimes get a craving for a really good filet mignon - with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. There are five or six restaurant there that have some of the best steaks you will find anywhere in the world. On this particular Friday night, one summer a few years ago, I was making the rounds looking for an empty bar stool to have dinner. You see, on a summer night in Aspen, especially a Friday night, it would be pretty much impossible to get a table without a reservation. Plus, when I'm out alone, I don't like to sit at a table by myself. The restaurants there all offer the full menu at the bar.

So, my first choice was Campo de Fiori. As I walk up to the door, there is a group of women, five or six of them, smoking and chatting in the vestibule. As I walk through them, I make eye contact with one woman in particular. Not your usual eye contact. But, being mr. shy man that I am, I keep walking through the door to check out the bar. No seats. Shit.

I turn around to leave, and this group of thirtysomethingbabes is coming back in the door. The woman I made eye contact with says "Leaving so soon?" to me. I say "Yes......but if you want me to, I'll come back."

Stay tuned for Part II. I need to check and see if I already told this story.

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