Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tango in Film :: Tango Music in Film

Since you have started dancing tango, do you notice tango music in film a lot more? Sure, there is the whole topic of tango the dance in film, but there is also a lot of tango music in film that has no dance featured at all. Granted, most of the music is what we call Nuevo

Case in point, the Sundance Channel was just playing upstairs, and I heard some Piazzolla come on. I ran upstairs to check it out and the credits were running. At first I thought is was "Adiós Nonino", but a quick look on tells me it's "Oblivion".

The film was "La Meglio Gioventù" or "The Best of Youth". I wasn't watching it - cooking dinner and being domestic. I may NetFlix it - it looks like it might be good.

Anyway, I just find it interesting that filmmakers are using tango music more and more in their soundtracks. I would love to hear any others that you know of - by all means leave a comment.


Eva said...

I just love love the song Oblivion. I listen to it on my Ipod every morning on my way to work.. the melodies really warm my heart.

Speaking of tango music going mainstream... I was clothes shopping this past weekend and was surprised to hear Gotan playing in the store. It made me wish I had a shopping cart to dance with.. ; )

Alex said...

Hola Miss Eva...

Did you buy some "good stuff"? (grin)...

I hear Gotan (et al) in Starbucks all the time - and occasionally in other places that I can't remember because I'm old and my memory is failing me... :)

Eva said...

Haa yes! bought a bustier... for tango of course. I haven't shopped for everyday clothes since I started dancing.

I guess electronic tango music is not so new afterall. Maybe I am the one who's getting old. ; >

tangocherie said...

I notice more and more tango music being used in non-dance TV shows, movies, and especially commercials.

Off the top of my head is regarding my favorite TV series, Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, which often uses tango music when the plot becomes a complicated dance!