Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Atlanta Tango Festival :: Photos

The Shoe Shot by Miles
"The Shoe Shot" by Miles of TangoBliss

I brought my cameras and gear, but didn't take any photos to speak of. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to shoot, and I'm usually disappointed with the low-light results. I don't like to shoot with a flash - especially at a milonga. The festival organizers prohibited flash photography which is smart. It's rude and intrusive.

Myles of TangoBliss did take some (without flash) - here are his links ::

Saturday Afternoon Alt Milonga Set

Saturday Evening Milonga Set

Myles will also be posting some video - here is his YouTube channel link ::


I have also emailed Angel to see if the official photos from the festival slide show will be available. I will post that link as well when it becomes available.

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