Friday, April 25, 2008

Tango Rap :: Bajofondo Tango Club "Miles de Pasajeros"

This is a cool music video by "NoSanto" I found on YouTube. The song is "Miles de Pasajeros" by Bajofondo Tango Club.

Another nuevo song I like - with a rap component.


studio wellspring said...

oooh ~ i adore bajofondo tango club {and am kind of surprised you enjoy them too}. ;o)

msHedgehog said...

I have danced to this kind of thing occasionally, and it's been OK as long as it's with a leader who likes it, and preferably outdoors so the noise isn't confined.

But when it's coming out of my computer in my home, I just can't bear that loud, totally regular, insistent, scrapy-sounding beat. It makes me want to run away, or turn the electricity off if I have to, to make it stop. Every time the streaming stops for a moment, it's a relief. Why does that sound have to be there, do you think?

koolricky said...

I think is a great track to listen to and to dance!