Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So what did I just say?

Cadillac Escalade - The Land Yacht
Photo by AutoExposureCanada/Flickr.

I write my "Green Bullshit" post just last night, talking about "green" houses and touching on the six billion folks who are clamoring/aspiring for our way of life, and the finite resources we have to go around, then I wake up this morning and am greeted with this headline on MSNBC.com

Gas guzzlers are a big hit in China
Newly affluent want larger SUVs to fill with state-regulated $2.90 gas

It appears that American automakers are willing to accomodate the American market with hybrid (gasoline & electric) vehicles and move to higher mileage "gas only" vehicles, especially SUV's.

But not out of any sense of duty or responsibility to the environment or global warming, because, you see, they are perfectly willing to turn around and sell 12mpg gas guzzlers over in China.

It's always about the dollars.


tangobaby said...

Whatever is happening in China is so far beyond my reach that it's hard to even fathom. All I know is that here premium unleaded is $4.15/gallon at the corner station.

In less than a few weeks, for the first time ever since I got my driver's license, I will not own a car. I will be using mostly public transportation, and cabs and a local car share service when I need my own wheels or it's too late to travel the train safely at night.

I realize that is not an option for many people in this country, and I look at my not having a car as my small way of giving the finger to this horrible administration. Like it cares anyway.

Alex said...

Hola baby...

Living in a city where there is efficient mass transit available is going to be key in the coming years.

I think almost daily about where I could live, and what I could do, where I wouldn't have to own a car.

tangobaby said...

Well, you could move to San Francisco, silly boy!