Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tangoleva :: A plug

Do you ladies know about Tangoleva? It's a tango-centric clothing company based in Santa Fe. The owner is Anne Leva Midón. Her husband is Jorge Midón of Jorge Midón Productions. He was/is the producer of the shows by Miguel Angel Zotto's TangoX2 dance company. There was a show in NYC in the past year or so.

Anyway, Anne's clothing booth was there at the Atlanta Tango Festival, but not Anne herself unfortunately. I am still patiently awaiting an opportunity to dance with her. Seeing her stuff there, and then reading a post today on Tango-L by Janis Kenyon (that she has some items in BsAs for viewing/sale) reminded me about my own personal Tangoleva "collection".

That's right. I am a man who owns Tangoleva. And I am man enough to admit it to the world. I have a good excuse - because I am a photographer "in my spare time while I'm resting". Sometimes photographers have to buy their own wardrobe items for photoshoots, right?

Below are the results of a photo shoot I did in Denver a little over a year ago. Actually two shoots with this same model. Everything except the white corset is Tangoleva stuff. The black skirt with the ribbon & d-ring lace up in the back, the black corset (killer), the black lacy halter top, and the white pants are all Tangoleva. She also has this kinda fuzzy stretchy lacy floral fabric that is really really nice. Almost like stretchy velvety stuff. Can you tell I like it?

Thanks to Gaia the tango goddess of The Tango House in Denver for the use of several pairs of Comme il Faut's for this photo shoot. (Gaia is a great source for Comme il Faut's.) Although the pair with the tribal scroll on the heel are mine. A man never knows when a pair of size 9 Comme il Faut's might come in handy.

So be on the lookout for Tangoleva at your next tango festival. In my mind, Tangoleva is the clothing equivalent of Comme il Faut shoes. Well made, rich sumptuous fabrics, nice designs, nice stuff. Very nice.

And now I'm sitting here wondering if I should press the "publish post" button...normally it is the lady/bloggueras posting about women's clothing...oh well what the goes...

Here is her website :: Tangoleva

Here are my photos from the shoots ::


Malena said...

Some photos, Alex!!!
I have to admit that I have never looked at the Tangoleva clothing line as usually clothes made specifically for tango are over the top and tasteless. But I am checking them out right now!
Besos, Malena

msHedgehog said...

That was interesting. Not my style - but they go with the comme il fauts, I think. It's nice that you like them, I'm not going to mock you - that's what they're designed for, after all.

studio wellspring said...

ah the curse of petitie feet ~ too bad those come il faut's aren't size six otherwise you might have had yourself a new model! reminds me i need to take some photos of the two pairs i recently bought from jennifer's shop. weekend project! :o)

tangobaby said...

I had to put a moratorium on buying more tango clothes, but Tangoleva is a site I have visited many times and you're right, the clothes look great.

msHedgehog said...

I really like the fourth photo from the right, as a photo. They all have a very pleasing warm light. The model is a very pretty, sort of Irish-looking lady, dolled up in a distinctively American style - I think from the second picture that she's got lovely grey eyes?

Alex said...

Thanks mshedge...yes I would have to agree the fourth photo is one of the best shots from the shoot. This was my first "real" photoshoot with a professional model, makeup artist, and stylist/assistant. I had immediate technical difficulties with my lighting - burnt bulbs - I had replacements, but not the correct ones. As such, most/all of the shots are low key, very dark lighting. I got what I needed from the shoot - six or eight shots for my portfolio - which was sorely in need of development at the time.

I wasn't really happy with the results, overall, so that's why I have never really shown the photos on flickr or my personal website. I did it here just for the Tangoleva tie in.

The model is definitely very fair - flawless alabaster skin - light green eyes. I'm sure there's some Irish in there. She was a sweetheart, too. A molecular biologist for what it's worth.