Monday, April 21, 2008

Milonga con Traspie :: New Milonga Product


The "etc" is the really cool part...the follower feels this really "swooshy" thing...

Leaders, for the "4stop" and the "4d" parts, it's best if you wear your white tango shoes, with black laces...and black socks...

And, don't read "The Economist", or do any calculus problems for three days before and three days after practicing this new move...or your head will explode, or at least ooze blood from your ears...

Got it? Enjoy!

(I'm not linking back to the particular YouTube video where I ran across this...a kindasorta well known teacher in a kindasorta small but well known distant kindasorta resort place where I kindasorta know some people...but not Aspen...)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

All I know is that you better be damned sure before you wear those white shoes.