Monday, April 28, 2008

Seduced by Tango :: Brian & Deb of Boulder

Here's their interview for the Seduced by Tango/Tango Seduction documentary for PBS...

I love Brian & Deb. I only had the opportunity to take a few classes with them, and have only danced with Deb like once. They have a great thing going in Boulder, Colorado. They also bring Gustavo y Giselle Anne in for an intensive workshop in the summer - July I think.

Here's their website ::

Interview ::

Demo ::

A vals in Copenhagen ::

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Tassili said...

Really love the way Brian talks about Tango, the polarization, the thirst for that spark... He expressed it very much like I would myself - provided I did not feel bizarrely looked at for being so lyrical about it. Thank you for that.
Oh, and thank you also for your other post about acceptance - that's how we love you, Alex! ;-))