Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bloggus Interruptus

Of late, I have actually had some long posts that I've written, but not posted.

I had one from Saturday morning about the Friday night milonga at the Atlanta Tango Fest. (I actually posted that one and then pulled it.)

Then I had another long one about the festival that I worked on yesterday morning while still at my hotel, and then farted around with yesterday afternoon.

Then I had another long one, that was going to have to be a multi-part one, based on Caroline's comment to my comments about the visual of Monica Bellucci-dancing-tango-fucking-me-up in-the-head.

That one had good part about Monica Bellucci dancing tango being at one end of the feminine energy spectrum, and a snaggle-toothed crank-addicted morbidly obese hillbilly babe buying cigarettes at the Piggly Wiggly being at the other end of the feminine energy spectrum.

A crank addict can't be morbidly obese, so I pulled it.

My desire is for this blog to be a tad different from others - I don't want to give the "normal" milonga review, talking about the quality of the floor, and the floorcraft/navigation, my lead and her follow, and this and that. It is what it is and my blogging about it is of no benefit to anyone really. Dontcha think?

Perhaps I will continue with a "Bloggus Interruptus" thread - creating an amalgam of "posts I never made". I'll keep working on them...and think about it.

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