Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Seduced by Tango

A new interview...John & Katia Singletary...Executive Chef & Day Spa owner...Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina...

Here's the poop ::

Seduced by Tango :: Winter/Spring 2009 Release Producing organization: Tatge/Lasseur Productions. Episodes: 1 x 90 (HD). Status: preproduction, fundraising. Budget: $1.3 million. Host: Robert Duvall. Talent: Pablo Veron. Producer/director: Catherine Tatge. Producer: Dominique Lasseur. Composer/music supervisor: Tom Montgomery. Writer: Glenn Berenbeim. Coordinating producer: Bunny Tavares. Contact: Bunny Tavares, bunny@ tavaresmedia.com, 831-462-6004. Program explains why tango is not just a dance but a refuge, a way of life and a philosophy. Tango artist Pablo Veron prepares dancers for a pilgrimage to Argentina. The producers are soliciting dance couples on website: www.seducedbytango.com

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