Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tango as Therapy :: First International Congress of Tango Therapy

From Janis Kenyon through Nina Pesochinsky on Tango-L...

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From: Nina Pesochinsky
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This is really cute! Not that tango is not therapy...

Watching people dance and learn over the last 13 years, I would propose with some certainly that everyone gets therapized, one way or another, whether they want to or not :). And things do get worse before they get better, just as they sometimes do with more traditional forms of therapy. Neuroticism must be a side effect of the treatment.

I assume they do not follow the principles of evidence-based practice... I wonder how they measure the outcomes....

At 04:38 PM 4/1/2008, Janis Kenyon wrote:
>The first international congress of Tango Therapy will be held July
>17-19, 2008, in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Those of you who are
>health professionals may want to attend (and combine it time in the
>milongas). One speaker is from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.


Tassili said...

Love the idea. If you allow me, I'll relay the info on my own French blog... :-))

Alex said...

Sure, no problem - it's all about spreading the word.

I was just thinking today...having a regret...that I did not focus on my French (high school) or Spanish (college) over the past 25 years or so. I could have been fluent by now in either one or both.

My point is I wish I could just pop over and read your blog...

Tassili said...

Ah... true, but at least I have the frequent ;-) pleasure to read yours.
I left a comment the other day about the concentration on your own pleasure and sensations, and following your partner's (love/tango), and after reading my comment again, I was concerned that one might think it was selfish - which I thought, if you read my blog, you would come to understand it was not. But since you can't read it...
He, maybe I should write one in English one of these days!? ;-0)) But of course, you would have to forgive me for failing to be as inspiring as you can be in my second language...!
I'll try. Somehow, English seems more suited to Tango. Who said that sensuality was a French exclusivity? Certainly not me!